Percolation Tests

Site Suitability Assessments are undertaken in accordance with EPA
Code of Practice 2009 – Treatment Systems for Single Houses.
The Site Assessment requires a Desk Study, A Visual Inspection of the Site and an analysis of the soil conditions. This requires a series of excavations.
For details of excavations required click Here

Installation of New Systems

Septic tanks, Treatment systems and Percolation areas are installed in compliance with the code of practice and planning requirements.

Upgrade of Existing Septic Systems

Existing Septic Systems can be inspected and an acceptable solution designed and installed.

Maintenance and Desludging

All on-site systems irrespective of make or model can be desludged and a maintenance contract offered.
All Systems require regular desludging. Septic Tank Solutions can desludge all systems and dispose of the sludge in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Assessment of Septic Systems service on properties being offered for Sale

Septic Tank Solutions can inspect systems that serve properties that are being offered for sale.
This service can be availed of by the vendor or the purchaser.
A malfunctioning system can seriously devalue a property post purchase.
Septic Tank Solutions can protect the purchaser from the necessity of incurring significant costs to upgrade a problem system.
Vendors can avoid the loss of a sale by having their Septic System assessed prior to offering the property for sale.

Certification of Systems

All systems installed or upgraded by Septic Tank Solutions will be certified in accordance with the design requirements

Systems will be certified as been completed in accordance with the conditions of planning relating to the development. This will ensure the home owner has

  • Knowledge that the system will perform effectively.
  • Compliance with the EPA Code of Practice – 2009 for all Greenfield sites
  • Compliance with the EPA Code of Practice – 2009 for all Greenfield sites
  • Compliance with the code or any deviation contained within the Planning Permission
  • Peace of mind should the property be placed on the Market.
  • Guarantee that the system meets any inspections required for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Planning Permission

Septic Tank Solutions will apply to the relevant local authority for planning permission for any modification to existing systems.

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