Existing Systems

Some existing systems may not comply with the regulatory requirements because of Poor design, Poor installation, Poor quality Site or because of wear and tear.
Whatever the reason a failing system will cause pollution and is a health hazard to homeowners and their neighbours.
Septic Tank Solutions will Inspect the Site, Investigate the problem and design a cost effective solution.
If Planning permission is required then Septic Tank Solutions can prepare the application and take care of all interactions with the Planning authority.
Septic Tank Solutions will Install the approved solution and certify the system compliant with the regulatory requirement.
Existing Sites will have existing Septic Systems and a portion of these will give problems.
If it is proposed to extend the dwelling then an assessment is required to determine if the septic system will cater for the new extended development.
Failing systems are a major risk to your health and that of your neighbours. Untreated wastewater carries a wide range of agents that cause serious disease to humans and animals
Failure may present as:

  • Blockages – toilets do not flush
  • Odours from the septic tank or percolation area
  • Untreated Effluent in the garden that will contaminate humans, pets and wildlife
  • Wet areas in the garden near the septic tank
  • Pipe discharging effluent to ditch or stream
  • Contamination of wells

There may be no visual symptoms of failure especially in fast draining areas.
Inspection of existing system will assess whither it is showing any evidence of malfunction and whither the installation is compliant with Planning conditions relating to that site.
The problem may result from poor or total lack of maintenance. It may also result from poor design or installation.
A site inspection will determine the cause of the problem and determine if it can be rectified by improved maintenance.
A full site assessment may be required depending on the results of an initial assessment. This is completed following the same sequence as for a greenfield site.

If an upgrade is required or if a proposed extension of the dwelling will result in overload then the most cost effective proposal will be developed.

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